Pick / Collect Email ID easily from a wrap text in Excel Sheet

Sometimes, it happens that we need to collect Email ID or web address from a cell which contains many data. It is hard to copy & paste them in another cell.

We can collect Email ID or web address (URL) or Mobile number from those cell within a second by using this excel formula. Today I have used it. It saves time.

Project : Happy New Year 2014 Banner Design for Super Star Group (BD)

Happy New Year 2014 Banner Design for Super Star Group (BD).
Banner size is 2 x 4 feet.

We have designed this banner in 26th December, 2013. This banner design is created by Md Shamsul Arafin Rubab.

Project : Four Fold Brochure Design for Super Star Group (BD)

We have got an opportunity to work with Super Start Group in Bangladesh. We designed an 'Accessories Brochure' for them.

After taking permission to Super Star Group, we are sharing this design for learning purpose (for new designer) & for giving ideas about our previous work to our Clint (for new Clint).

Ayesha Akter

About Me:
Hi, I'm “Ayesha Akter”. In the web, I'm well known as “asharalo2013”. Now, I'm studying in BBS. Besides my studies I like to work online basis work. For that I am in SPURT BANGLADESH since 7th January,2013 & also like & enjoy to work with the team of Spurt Bangladesh.

I feel proud to get the opportunity to develop my career with Spurt Bangladesh with little little genius team member. I hope that one day this agency will be a large agency in Bangladesh.